Health and well-being

By cleaning the air around us, we minimize infectious bacteria and particles in the air.

A bad indoor climate has an important on our health. Poor air quality means more bacteria, and it causes more frequent illness. When we sit together in a room, we share the air around us. And when we breathe, talk, sneeze, and cough, we secrete tiny droplets that can contain infectious particles. This is something we experience especially in winter, when the air around us becomes drier and the particles therefore stay longer in the air.

The indoor climate has a major impact on how viruses are spread and the extent to which they are spread. The less ventilation there is in the air, the longer infectious particles will remain floating, as there is nothing that captures the particles. The more infectious particles there are in the air, the greater the risk of disease. Therefore, it is important that we focus on cleaning the air and minimizing the spread of infection—especially in the cold months.

Our air purifiers trap and remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the air, thus significantly reducing infection and disease in the workplace. Poor air quality affects all people to varying degrees. Disease can occur through airborne infection, but pollution and other harmful particles can also contribute to poor health. A healthy indoor climate provides the best framework for health at work.