Children benefit the most from clean air

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Our children are our future. We must therefore ensure that they have a clean and healthy indoor climate in which they can thrive. Clean air provides increased well-being, more energy and less disease.

A healthy indoor climate is important for our children’s well-being and activity levels. hey get more energy and they are generally less ill with asthma, fever and headaches. But how do you create a good environment indoors?

Air purifiers are the solution

f we need to improve air quality for our children when they sit for a whole day in the classroom or play in the kindergarten, the good solution is to invest in an air purifier. Air purifiers filter the air and remove the harmful particles. You can use the air purifier as a supplement to your existing ventilation.

When the air purifier filters the air, it creates a better air quality. It gives children both a higher energy level and generally less disease, because it cleans the harmful particles and replaces them with clean air.

In this way, we ensure that our children do not have to deal with the health problems that we can attribute to a poor indoor climate. It is everything from itchy eyes, headaches, and stuffy nose to asthma, respiratory problems, and chronic disease.

So, when the air inside becomes cleaner and free from the harmful particle pollution, we get happier, energy-filled children without snotty noses, breathing problems, and red eyes.

Particles at a glance

In order to understand why it is important to purify the air, we cannot ignore the great sinner: particles. All the particles that float in the air—bacteria, dust, viruses and other harmful particles—help to make the indoor climate poor for our children. With an air purifier, you can remove up to 99.9% of the particles.

And it is important to have clean air so that our children can continue to thrive and have a healthy level of energy. An air purifier continuously cleans the air so that the air we breathe is clean. It increases our well-being and makes it easier for us to breathe.

With an air purifier, you create the best framework for our children to stay healthy and energized in the future.